Yvonne Gilhooly

Yvonne Gilhooly - Jeweller. Designer. Goldsmith.


The Goldsmiths Company


Using traditional goldsmithing skills, Yvonne’s practice is an exploration of geometry in all its poetic forms. Her fascination with line, form, volume and the void is where she begins. Process is key as designs continue to develop whilst at the bench, allowing Yvonne to respond intuitively to materials. Recent work showcases a bold combination of gemstones and precious metals in an exploration of shadow and light. Ultimately Yvonne’s aim is to create covetable, thought provoking jewellery.

Specialist Techniques:

Traditional goldsmithing techniques. Hand piercing. Forming. Soldering. Surface pattern. Patination. Mount making. Wax carving.


Scottish Arts Council 2007. Professional development Award.


Nd - 3d design / Jewellery 1995 - 1997 Hnd - Jewellery / Silversmithing & Allied crafts 1997 -1999 Sir John Cass. London Designer / Maker - Walter Botschi. London Designer / Maker - Susanne Branham. London


Open Eye Gallery - Edinburgh 2018 Goldsmiths' Fair - London 2018 GNCCF - Manchester 2018 Elements 4 - Edinburgh 2018 Goldsmiths' Fair London 2017 GNCCF - Manchester 2017 Made London, Marylebone 2017 Elements3- Edinburgh 2017 Dazzle Oxo London 2017 Goldsmiths Fair London 2016 Great Northern contemporary Craft Fair. Manchester 2016 Made by Hand. Wales 2016 Elements Festival. Incorporation of Scottish goldsmiths. Edinburgh 2016 Dazzle. London 2016


New Brooches - Nicolas Estrada.

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  • Yvonne Gilhooly


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