Victoria and Albert Museum buys a Krinos original

Mon 31 Jan 2011

By Tom Bowtell

The Victoria and Albert Museum has purchased a necklace from Who's Who in Gold and Silver subscriber Daphne Krinos. The necklace will be displayed in the museum's jewellery collection.

The necklace previously came to public attention when it featured prominently on the publicicty poster for Goldsmiths' Fair in 2008 (see image reproduced here.) The V&A approached Daphne with a view to purchasing a piece of her work and after a period of consultation, the necklace was chosen.

The necklace is made of 18ct gold and features exquisite beryl (aquamarine) stones.

Born in Athens, but now based in London, Daphne Krinos has forged a reputation for distinctive and stylish jewellery over a successful 30-year career. Speak about her work she says:  "I make jewellery that can be worn easily and comfortably. I enjoy the restrictions that this imposes on the creative process. I also like to take into account the kind of material the piece of jewellery will be best on."

Speaking about the purchase of her necklace by the V&A, Daphne commented: "I am thrilled to be part of their fabulous collection!"

Daphne's necklace will be integrated into the V&A's public jewellery collection during the Spring.

For more information about the work of Daphne Krinos, please click here to view her Who's Who in Gold and Silver profile.