Kamilla Ruberg


The Goldsmiths Company


21 Camden Passage London


My work reflects an ongoing fascination with geometry.

Clean, defined lines and strong shapes characterise my designs. I strive to create pieces that have simplicity and elegance and are well considered in the use of material, proportion and technique.

The kinetic pieces are constructed from delicate wire that interacts with the movements of the wearer. When worn, the central part start to rotate and spin, inviting the wearer to play and delight in the inherent qualities of the piece.

My most recent work, the anamorphic series is inspired by geometric patterns, particularly those derived from Islamic designs. The arrangement of the line being the connective path through the pattern led me to substitute the drawn line with a fine gold wire and reconstruct it into a 3-dimentional form. The series consists of a group of pieces that plays with the shapes and patterns that appear when seen from different angles.

Specialist Techniques:

Jewellery fabrication techniques
Laser welding


2007 The Danish Art Foundation (working grant)
2005 The Danish Art Foundation (working grant)
2004 Copenhagen Goldsmiths guild Sct. Loye Award
2003 Craft Council Development
2002 Bursary and free stand for Goldsmiths' Fair
2001 World Gold Council Grima Award
2001 Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council, First Prize, Fashion Jewellery.
2000 The Art and Craft Award of 1879, Silver Medal, (Denmark)


2002 Master from Royal College of Art
1999 BA(hons) Silversmithing, jewellery and allied crafts, London Metropolitan University

Public Collections:

The Goldsmiths' Company Collection, UK
The Danish Art  Foundation, Denmark
Contemporary Art Society, given to Ulster Museum, Belfast
Ascot Trophy, Commissioned by De Beers, UK
The Alice and Louis Koch Collection, Switzerland
The Copenhagen Goldsmiths' Guild


"The Compendium Finale of Contemporary Jewellers 2008", Darling Publications, Germany
"Ringe I Dialog", Kiabenhauns Guldsmede Lang, 2004, Denmark
"New Directions in Jewellery", Black Dog Publishing, 2005, UK

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    Balloon Pearl Ring

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    Anamorphic Brooch No5

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    Anamorphic Necklace No.9

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    Anamorphic Brooch No.7

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    Kinetic Globe Ring

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    Kinetic Brooch No.6

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    Kinetic Brooch, No.14

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    Moebius Brooch

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    Butterfly Ring

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