Miriam Hanid

Miriam Hanid


The Goldsmiths Company


Award winning silversmith Miriam Hanid uses the techniques of chasing, repoussé and forming silver on wood. The chased decoration is started first while the silver is flat and the form built up afterwards. Wooden punches and formers are then used to shape the metal, complimenting the initial chasing. Miriam's work also combines the intricacies of hand-engraving with bolder chased forms. Miriam's father, an engineer, produces many different tools made from oak and beech, which she uses to form curvaceous silver vessels. Miriam has also inherited some of her great-grandfather's tools.

The moods of the sea influence Miriam’s work, her workshop is filled with hand sketches and photographs of the coastline of her home-town Lowestoft. While exploring the iconography of water Miriam feels a unifying oneness with its ability to be our sustenance, our surroundings, the basis of our very being.  From the inspiration of fluid movement of water Miriam creates functional silver tableware and sculptural centrepieces.

Silversmithing has played its part in Miriam's family.  In 1952, Wali-Mohamed of Nairobi, Kenya - her great-grandfather - was commissioned to make two gifts for Princess Elizabeth. A gong and striker and a silver mounted ostrich egg teapot were presented by the Governor of Kenya to the future Queen of England.

Specialist Techniques:

Flat chasing
Hand engraving and carving


Commended Award in Chasing Senior Section, Goldsmiths Craftmanship and Design Awards

Malcolm Appleby Engraving Award 1st Prize and 3rd Prize Awarded at Festival of SIlver at British Silver Week 2011

- 3rd General Publics prize in Schoonhoven City Council Award, The Netherlands
- Award in Junior Chasing section at Goldsmiths Craftsmanship and Design Awards for Fine Silver Chased Tumblers
- Graduate Bursary Award at Goldsmiths' Fair

Gold Award for Chasing and Best Junior Award at Goldsmiths Craftmanship and Design Awards - Whirlpool Rosewater Bowl, Fine Silver.


2008-2009 Bishopsland Educational Trust Post-Graduate Training Course for Silversmiths and Jewellers

2004-2007 BA Hons 3 Dimensional Design, Metalwork and Jewellery

1999-2004 4 AS Levels, 3 A-Levels in Art and Design, Music and Media Studies

Public Collections:

- 'Deluge'  centrepiece in fine silver, silver chased wine cup, private collection, John Makepeace, July 2008
- Whirlpool Bowl, fine silver, private collection - Mr T Sale
- Deluge table centrepiece, commissioned by Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, 2009
- Coriolis Centrepiece in fine silver and chased wine cups, fine silver, private collection of Mr J Higgins, 2009
- Alluvium Centrepiece in fine silver, private collection of Mrs A Ellis, 2009
- Coriolis centrepiece, P&O Makower Trust Commission for National Museum of Wales, 2010
- Mandala Bowl, fine silver, private collection of Mr D Styles, 2010
- Chased crossflow and engraved reflections vases, private collection of Mr A.Dalton, 2010
- Undulations centrepiece in fine silver, private collection of Mr Moshal, 2010
- Chased crossflor bowl, fine silver, private collection, Mrs C Thomas, 2011


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    Zephyr's Breath

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    Cascade Water Jug

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    Acacia Tumbler

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    Olive Tumbler

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    Swirling Tumblers

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    Ocean Salt and Spoon

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    Whirlpool Rosewater Bowl

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    Japanese Waves Beaker

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