Wendy Ramshaw


The Goldsmiths Company


C/o The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, Goldsmiths' Hall, London


I have had a studio in London for over 30 years. A modest establishment now situated in Clerkenwell Green, London. I work in both the fields of Jewellery and of Public Art. Working at a small and a large scale – from millimetres to meters. I regard these activities as site specific. Both kinds of design relate to the human form but in different ways. My large-scale work is all situated in the UK; my jewellery has been exhibited and acquired throughout the world. Some pieces are included in museum and public collections; others are worn privately on an every day basis. Most of my jewellery is made in parts or sections, so that the owner can share in the way the piece is worn. The ever on going ring sets which won an award “for innovation” from the Design Council in 1972 are a perfect example of this concept. Some pieces of my jewellery are easy and simple and some more complex. Because the work in the studio is always evolving and I am curious to see the way new developments will resolve themselves I never tire of searching for new directions within which to progress.

Specialist Techniques:

1. Fabrication techniques for gold and silver.
2. Turning of metals and acrylics.
3. Setting precious and semi-precious stones. 
4. Specialism design.
5. Experimental work and design based projects with a variety of non-precious materials and a combination of materials.


Royal College of Art, Senior Fellow

Commander of the Order of the British Empire

Royal Designer for Industry
Honorary Fellow of the London Institute

Visiting Professor at the Royal College of Art, London

Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to art

Lady Liveryman of The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, London

De Beers Diamond International Award

Council of Industrial Award
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London
Fellow of Chartered Society of Designers


1956-60 NDD Illustration and Fabric Design, College of Art and Industrial Design, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
1960-61 Art Teachers Diploma, Reading University, Reading
1969-70 Post Graduate Studies in Jewellery, Central School of Art and Design, London

Public Collections:

1. Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, Scotland 
2. Australian National Gallery, Canberra
3. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, England
4. British Museum, London, England
5.  Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York, USA 
6. Crafts Council, London, England 
7. Kundstindustrimuseet, Oslo, Norway 
8. Liverpool Museum and Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 
9. Museum of Art and Design, New York
10. Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France
11. Museum of Art and Design, New York
12. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 
13. Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, Japan 
14. National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, England 
15. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA 
16. Powerhouse, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 
17. Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland 
18. Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim, Germany
19. Science Museum, London, England 
20. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
21. Smithsonian Institute, Cooper-Hewitt Museum National Design Museum, New York, USA 
22. Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England
23. The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, London, England


1. Wendy Ramshaw, Pace Gallery, 1970
2. Small Collection, Oxford Gallery’s 100th Exhibition, 1977
3. Wendy Ramshaw, Victoria & Albert Exhibition, 1982
4. Wendy Ramshaw & David Watkins, Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim, 1987
5. Wendy Ramshaw, Knitted Outfits, Museum het Princesshof, Germany, 1988
6. Wendy Ramshaw, Exhibition Catalogue for touring USA, US Galleries, 1989
7. Picassos Ladies, Wendy Ramshaw & Xingu, - David Watkins for Touring UK and Norway, British Council, 1989
8. For Paper to Gold, Royal Festival Hall, 1990
9. Wendy Ramshaw, Rings, Mikimoto, 1993
10. Wendy Ramshaw, Jewel Drawing & Projects, Hipotesi, 1996
11. A Marriage of Moonstones, Diamonds, Silver & Gold, Lesley Craze Gallery, 1996
12. Picasso’s Ladies, Arnoldsche, 1998
13. The Paper Jewelry Collection, Wendy Ramshaw and David Watkins, Thames and Hudson, UK 2000
14. Wendy Ramshaw, Room of Dreams, Exhibition Catalogue, Scottish Gallery, Scotland, 2002
15. The Big Works, Wendy Ramshaw, Hipotesi, Barcelona, Spain, 2004
16. Wendy Ramshaw, Jewellery, Exhibition Catalogue, Lakeland Arts trust, Cumbria, 2004
17. Journey Through Glass Exhibition Catalogue, Bluecoat Display Centre
18. Wendy Ramshaw, Drawings in Gold, Exhibition Catalogue, Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool & Lesley Craze Gallery, London & Hipotesi, Barcelona
19. David Watkins, Wendy Ramshaw: A Life's Partnership by Graham Hughes, 2009

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    Five Sets of Rings

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    Black & White Rings for 'Kissing Heads'

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    Brooches of Coloured Tears

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    Necklace for 'The Reader'

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    Rings for 'The Dream'

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    Necklace for 'Woman's Bust'

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    Synchronizer - Moment - Indicator (Rings)

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