• Wed 20 Mar 2013

    The Mighty Metalsmith exhibition, opens 23 May

    An exhibition of metalwork including an array of Who’s Who in Gold and Silver subscribers will be on display at Kath Libbert Gallery’s upcoming show, The Mighty Metalsmith, opening on 23rd May.

    Who’s Who subscribers Rauni Higson

  • Thu 14 Mar 2013

    Meet the Maker: Mary Ann Simmons

    The career of silversmith Mary Ann Simmons has so far been defined by journeys which have seen her move from Canada to Britain, from jewellery to silversmithing and from box-making to beakers. Mary Ann talked Tom Bowtell through her travels and told him more about the delights of a well-fitted box lid than he could ever have expected. 

    Interview by Tom Bowtell

    Now recognised by ...