Form at the Goldsmiths' Centre

Fri 01 Jul 2016

Part of 'Silver Speaks'

Form at the Goldsmiths’ Centre is a fringe exhibition of Silver Speaks: Idea to Object at the V&A and features the work made by talented members of Contemporary British Silversmiths.



The exhibition showcases 33 works alongside the makers’ tools, original samples and drawings. Makers shine the spotlight on their different skills and techniques – exploring the diverse applications of tools and materials, from new technologies to the traditional, the sculptural to the functional.


Don't miss your chance to see work by many makers from the Goldsmiths' Directory: Vicki Ambery Smith, Graham Stewart, Claire Malet, Howard Fenn, Brett Payne, Jen Rickets, Alan Craxford, Aoife White, Angus McFadyen, Samantha Moore, Jenny Edge, Kathryn Hinton, Miriam Hanid, Rod Kelly and Tamar de Vries Winter.


The exhibition is free and runs 1 June, 2016 - 23 September, 2016 at the Goldsmiths' Centre.