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  • Thu 06 Sep 2012

    Meet the Maker: Carol Mather

     Who's Who in Gold and Silver subscriber Carol Mather introduces Tom Bowtell to her menagerie of silver animals.

    Carol Mather is a silversmith who makes some of the most distinctive work in the UK. What Carol makes, with occasional exceptions, are playful (and often usable) silver objects inspired by a veritable menagerie of animals.

    I visit Carol at her workshop in Clemen...

  • Wed 08 Aug 2012

    Meet the Maker: Vicki Ambery-Smith

    Tom Bowtell goes to East Finchley to visit the attic-workshop of Who’s Who in Gold and Silver subscriber and award-winning architectural jeweller, Vicki Ambery-Smith.

    There is a stand at Goldsmiths’ Fair (usually on the ground floor, around to the left) which always has a group of engrossed customers around it, eagerly discussing the work and asking to see pieces up close. S...

  • Wed 01 Aug 2012

    Meet the Maker: Jane Adam

    Tom Bowtell visits the leading contemporary jeweller, and esteemed Who’s Who in Gold and Silver subscriber, Jane Adam, to talk about a fascinating 3-decade career which has been driven by an obsession with experimentation and a fascination with the relationship between object and wearer.

    Sitting in her elegantly cluttered workshop, expertly shaping an aluminium earring while she talk...

  • Mon 09 Jan 2012


     The Church and other religious institutions have for thousands of years provided goldsmiths and silversmiths with employment or inspiration and little has changed in the 21st century. Over recent months a number of the silversmiths who subscribe to Who’s Who in Gold and Silver have been busy designing and making pieces for churches around the country. Scottish silversmith Graham Stewart was co...

  • Mon 28 Nov 2011

    Introducing Charlotte Tollyfield

    In the first of a new series of features, Who's Who in Gold and Silver asks its latest illustrious member, the designer silversmith Charlotte Tollyfield, 6 quickfire questions about herself and her work, discovering her passion for the blow torch in the process...

    Charlotte Tollyfield, a Sheffield-based designer silversmith, won Best New Merchandise at this year's Goldsmiths...